When this is all over...

Monday, October 11, 2010 10:45 PM Posted by Ensign Rose
Dear Kristin,

I think I finished my thesis tonight.  Like you, I feel that it's probably not done... but I'm certainly DONE.  Writing Antigone was a lot like running a marathon... barefoot... over hot coals.  It took forever, I wasn't fully prepared, and I tried to get it over with as quickly as possible to avoid injury and the loss of my mental health.  I go back and forth a lot with this book.  There are times when I'm so proud of it, that I think it has great potential, that all I need to do is give it a good spit and polish and I'll be able to wrangle an agent and some how sell this monster.  But, of course, most days I just think it's been a massive time suck and I ought to have been using all those precious hours on short stories. 

Speaking of stories... I miss them.  I'm tired of this damn marathon.  I want to break from the pack, turn off onto a trail, sprint for a little while and see how far I've gone.  I love that I can write a short story in an afternoon, spend a few days revising it, let it rest, look at it again and then start sending it out into the world. 

Maybe when I've sent in the thesis version of Antigone, a paltry 90 page intro to the 300 page book, I'll get off my own back about it.  Spend a couple weeks reading.  Crank out a short story or two.  Take some naps.  Watch a monster load of X-Files, Community, and Star Trek.  And maybe then I'll really feel up to tackling Antigone.

I'm going to go look at my formatting again and then call it a night.


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