Friday, October 29, 2010 9:36 PM Posted by Ensign Rose
Dear Kristin,

Wow it's been busy around here. I finally finished my thesis and turned it in (thanks for your help on that) and I got my Graduation Lecture all ready. I got down to work on my Teaching Workshop Lesson Plan while also applying for adjunct jobs when, totally out of the blue, came a pretty cool email.

A few months ago I sent a query and the first pages of my first novel to a small press.  I didn't hear anything from them after the 3 to 4  months their website suggested it would take for review. So, I sort of forgot about it and went back to work on my second novel which became my thesis. This past Thursday, I got an email from an assistant editor who said, "I really loved the first pages and would love to see the full MS before passing it on to our head editor."

OK, so I know I shouldn't get too worked up about it.  I know that this is still a long shot. I know the odds are against me. But... I also know I made it past the slush pile. And this fact makes me happy. So, for now, while I get back to planning my lesson and applying for jobs, I'm reveling in the knowledge that somewhere out there, my first novel is being read by someone who isn't you or me. That's pretty cool.

Finally took some extra pictures so you can see:
a) what a pretty day in LA looks like
b) how ridiculously long my hair is
c) that I actually do leave the house now and again


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