About Us

AshleyRose has been a taxidermist's assistant, a blueberry picker, an environmental educator and has participated in a slew of similarly strange professions.  She studied Anthropology where her people watching skills could contribute to her grade point average and eventually lead to a degree.  She has studied theatre and art for over a decade and is currently a student in Spalding University's MFA in Creative Writing Program.

Among other things, she runs barefoot, shoots an English longbow, directs a Shakespeare camp and desperately longs to explore the world.

Some of her work can be found at Word Riot and Wigleaf

Kristin was a high school English teacher for four years before she decided to quit her day job, buy a yarn store, and write. She always wanted to be a writer (except for that brief moment in third grade when she wanted to be a marine biologist), but because she didn't learn how to knit until college, the yarn store thing still feels a bit random. In November, she will graduate from Spalding University's MFA in Creative Writing Program. She has written three YA novels (still unpublished) and is represented by Elizabeth Kaplan.

She lives in her hometown of Louisville, KY in an old shotgun house with her Saab-obsessed husband, two very needy beagles, and as of December 2010, her daughter.