A Sorry Excuse

Thursday, September 23, 2010 8:17 AM Posted by Kristin Dennis

Aren't you glad that you decided to start a blog with me? You moved across the country--bought a new car, packed up your house, gave away most of your possessions, drove 3000+ miles--and managed to get a substantial amount of revision done on your novel AND you blogged.

And after weeks of radio silence, here's my sorry-ass attempt to blog back.

I'm really a terrible blogger. You could blame it on my hectic life. Sure, I've been busy. About the time you headed out west, we went up to Massachusetts for a week.

Here is the one and only picture I took of our journey:

Ohio corn fields. Unfortunately, the drive from Kentucky to Massachusetts does not contain much purple mountain majesty. This is pretty much what Ohio and most of Pennsylvania looks like.

But we spent the week in one of the most beautiful places on earth. I love New England beaches. The weather is temperamental, the ocean is bitterly cold, and the beaches are pebbly and covered in seaweed. You really feel like you're earning your beach in New England, know what I'm saying? So I was in a really beautiful locale for days and days and most of my time was spent walking on the beach, sitting in a chair looking at the beach, reading novels and falling asleep--on the beach. And here is the only picture:

Noticing a trend? I think I'm a terrible blogger not because I'm not a good writer, but because I fail to document my life extensively enough. What the hell is the good of an iPhone if I can't even click a few pictures now and then of what's going on?

But sure, I've been distracted. I too have been finishing a novel and trying to get through school. We've been renovating the house (some more). And I've been gestating a freaking human being! (All of these activities, by the way, seem to require a lot of time dedicated to watching episodes of Angel.)

(This is what I see what I look down. And still 11 weeks to go...)

So anyway, I'm a sorry excuse for a blogger. But we're Separated at the Hip, with a whole big country and three time zones stretching endlessly between us. So I guess you're stuck with me!


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